Our History

The year was 1925. The place… Downtown Springfield, Missouri.

In an office on the public square, transportation officials were gathering to vote on the name of the newly christened Route 66, which would finally connect the eastern United States with the Pacific Coast with one “Mother Highway”.

Just a few blocks away, a new printing company was being established which would continue to serve the Springfield community with the best printing products and services, long after the Mother Highway was replaced by Interstates, and relegated to nostalgia and kitsch.

Route 66 patched together hundreds of existing roads to create an iconic highway with a unified identity, and an image all its own. From the very beginning, Traders Printing has specialized in enhancing the image of its clients and partners, and building new connections within the community. As its reputation for quality, timeliness and top-notch customer service grew, Traders established loyal connections with many new clients, radiating out from historic downtown Springfield, into Missouri, the Midwest, and now stretching across the country.

In 2005, Andy J. Cobb acquired the business from his father Stanford, who had himself purchased it in 1968. During the years under Andy’s ownership, Traders absorbed two other printing companies, greatly expanded its printing and design services, and its influence in the Springfield community.

Today, Traders Printing combines time-tested techniques of the latest technology to help our customers make the maximum impact on their market.

But rest assured, no matter how high-tech we become, our customers will always be known by name, not by number. True to our 86-year tradition of the personal service you can only expect from a family-run business, we don’t aim to simply gain market share, we want to make new friends.

Let us earn your friendship by treating you with respect and getting your project done fast, and done right… the first time.

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